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Recycling FAQ's

The University promotes sustainable practices that will reduce the use of energy and other resources, and keep materials out of the landfill.  Before recycling, please consider whether your item may be donated and/or reused in any other way.


1. What do we recycle at UM?  Go here:

2. What is “single stream”?   Single Stream is the combination of fiber/paper and containers made of plastic, glass and/or metal  -- basically, paper and bottles and cans!   These items can all be placed together in bins located throughout campus that say “recycling”.

3. Why can’t I recycle things like drinking straws, coffee lids, stirrers and small coffee cream containers?  These items are too small to be processed by automated equipment at our recycling facility.

4. How can I get a trash or recycling bin for my office or other areas in my building? send email request to

5. How do I get a large bin for cleaning out my office?  Send email request to to schedule a bin delivery or to schedule a bulk pickup.

6. How can I recycle these things?  When in doubt, contact but here are some specifics:

       a. CDs and DVDs Terrapin Trader X55267

       b. Cell phones and chargers Terrapin Trader X55267 or

       c. Batteries DES will continue to pick-up and recycle lead-acid batteries; however, other batteries will be pick up and recycled by University Recycling. These include alkaline, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium batteries.  University Recycling has battery recycling bins in most buildings on campus. One recycling has been centrally located within a building or a group of buildings to allow students, faculty and staff to properly recycle batteries. See attached spreadsheet to find the recycling bin nearest to you.  To request a bin, or if you have questions about the battery recycling program, please email Bill Guididas at

       d. Toner and ink cartridges contact to schedule a pickup

       e.  Styrofoam:   no collection available.  Mail Boxes etc in Stamp Student Union will gladly accept packing peanuts.

       f.  Laboratory glass – glass that is non-heat resistant should be placed with the single stream collection.  Heat resistant glass including Pyrex is not recyclable and should be placed in the trash collection.

7. What about food waste?  Don’t we compost here?   The university collects food waste at the campus dining facilities for composting.  Plans to expand this program to include other campus buildings are forthcoming.

8. What else do we collect and recycle on this campus?  (scrap metal, wood, concrete, landscape brush, carpet, ceiling tiles and mattresses are just a few examples of the variety of materials we collect and keep out of the landfills.  For more information on what we collect, go to