President Pines Shares Appreciation for UMD's Essential Workers

Published Date
July 01, 2020

UMD President Darryl Pines Thanks UMD Essential Workers

As one of his first acts serving as the 34th President of the University of Maryland, President Darryll Pines thanked UMD’s essential workers—including Facilities Management staff. Dr. Pines met with a handful of essential employees on campus today to express his gratitude. He later shared his appreciation on Instagram.

"I will always be grateful to our essential workers, especially in this fight against #COVID19.  We support them because they never stop supporting us.  They are here on the snow days, the summer days, the pandemic days.  Thank you for the dedication you have always shown this proud campus.”

-Dr. Darryll J. Pines, President, University of Maryland

President Pines meets with UMD Essential Workers


In a letter to the UMD campus community, President Pines shared his two central priorities: "to promote excellence in everything we do -- teaching and learning, research, innovation, the arts, and athletics; and to create an inclusive, multicultural campus environment. These two priorities are closely related; excellence must be rooted in our values because what the University does matters." 

President Pines also annouced twelve initiatives and recommendations aimed at reaffirming the university's commitment to our core mission and values, and to one another.

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