FM Installs New Paper Towel Units that Contribute to Sustainability

Published Date
March 10, 2021

Photo: PeakServe Paper Towel DispenserSmall changes can lead to big results. That’s why a change to new paper towel dispensers on UMD’s College Park campus is perhaps more momentous than it may seem. 

On March 22, 2021, Facilities Management will begin installing Tork PeakServe paper towel dispensers in all academic and administration buildings across campus. “What’s the big deal,” you ask? The PeakServe dispensers are a leap beyond the old-style dispensers in every way that matters. Less waste. Less maintenance. More environmentally friendly. And touchless – a critical consideration during the coronavirus pandemic. PeakServe dispensers hold more towels than the old units so cleaning crews spend less time maintaining the units. And because they use individual sheets, no partially used rolls will be removed and wasted. Every towel is used. The towels themselves are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the only certification of its kind recognized by the LEED rating system.

Photo: PeakServe Paper Towel Dispenser in UseUMD’s Facilities Management team is continually exploring new ways to reduce waste—implementation of the PeakServe dispensers is reflective of FM’s support of the university’s sustainability goals. Additionally, FM strives to ensure that every student, faculty & staff member, and visitor has the best experience possible when on campus, and the restrooms are part of that experience. The PeakServe dispenser upgrade is just one of many examples of FM’s ongoing commitment to improving the total campus experience.

While PeakServe dispensers are currently available in a limited number of buildings already, the broader campus roll out will begin in late March and is expected to be completed by April 10, 2021. Please contact Andrew Espeseth, Associate Director of Building Services at with any questions.