Let's answer some questions you've been asking Facilities Management


How do I request services from FM?

To report problems on campus contact the FM Customer Response Center by either completing the form online or for immediate service in the event of an emergency call 301-405-2222.

If it's a medical or fire emergency, call 911.

What are FM’s working hours?

We are always open! Our Customer Service Center is on duty 24/7/365 at 301-405-2222.

How many buildings are on the UMD campus?

There are about 250 buildings on the campus.

How many employees does FM have?

We have about 800 employees!

What construction projects are happening on campus?

The Construction Activity Map shows current construction and large renovation projects and is updated monthly

How do I find a building floor plan?

Most campus floor plans can be accessed right here our website. You will need a UMD login to see the floor plan.

What is the status of my work request?

To look up the status of a recently submitted work click Online Request below. You'll be prompted to either input the WT# or information such as your last name or the location of the work.